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This website is about the Bioregion of Cascadia, and the Cascadian Bioregional Movement. Cascadia is the bioregion known as the Pacific Northwest. This website is to push the envelope of the bioregional paradigm shift. “Free” has many meanings in this situation. It could be free from empire or free from exploitation or free from the mental prisons that consumer civilization and linear thinking has led us to.

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  1. What type of organized events or laws are you putting forth to try and get our region out from under the total control of the federal government? I am interested in getting involved and helping out as we work towards becoming our own territory.

  2. Hello, I am ghost Liberty, founder of Operation Greenway, a project to create a new nation for citizens of the world. I was wondering if Cascadia has any plans already existing for implementing the new government after secession. The operation Greenway website has all the documents needed to establish a new government on available land. Please have a look at our website @ https://operationgreenway.wordpress.com/

    1. We have ideas but as far as anything concrete, not that I’m aware of. Thank you for the information. We will check it out.

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