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Farming for Cascadia and Bioregional Awakening

Gardeners Cultivating Network of Food, Fiber, Medicine, and Fuel in Defiance of Local War Machine

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We are dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of what is sacred, life-affirming, and beautiful for the present and future generations. The incredible biodiversity, vibrant ecosystems, and peaceful serenity of Olympic National Park are presently under serious threat. Help us fund and establish a bioregional, forest hub dedicated to growing solutions, building resistance, and inspiring the human community to become engaged stewards and defenders of this World Heritage site, a living habitat and paradise on Earth.


Kirkpatrick Sale speech on bioregionalism & secession

Kirkpatrick Sale is an independent scholar and author who has written prolifically about environmentalism, luddism, technology and political decentralism. This is a speech at UNCA on April 9th, 2010. His website is This video was created by the Grassroots Activist Guild.

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