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Farming for Cascadia and Bioregional Awakening

Gardeners Cultivating Network of Food, Fiber, Medicine, and Fuel in Defiance of Local War Machine

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We are dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of what is sacred, life-affirming, and beautiful for the present and future generations. The incredible biodiversity, vibrant ecosystems, and peaceful serenity of Olympic National Park are presently under serious threat. Help us fund and establish a bioregional, forest hub dedicated to growing solutions, building resistance, and inspiring the human community to become engaged stewards and defenders of this World Heritage site, a living habitat and paradise on Earth.


Cascadia Booklets

This booklet is an introduction to Cascadia and Cascadian bioreigonalism. It is to be mass printed and handed out at events, gatherings and distributed at libraries, farmers’ markets, cafes, pubs, universities/colleges and generally where like-minded people gather. It was written and designed by Alexander Baretich.
Download and/or print the Cascadia Booklet here.

Cascadia Booklet Instructions
Cascadia Booklet Instructions

Kirkpatrick Sale speech on bioregionalism & secession

Kirkpatrick Sale is an independent scholar and author who has written prolifically about environmentalism, luddism, technology and political decentralism. This is a speech at UNCA on April 9th, 2010. His website is This video was created by the Grassroots Activist Guild.

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