Most orders will be shipped by the next business day. Shipping cost not included with price. Your order will appear as “CASCADIANFL” on your credit card statement. At this time, we do not accept returns.

We reserve the right not to sell merchandise to individuals, groups, or organizations who are known to violate, or intend to violate the Statement of Use, in regards to the Cascadian flag. All funds will be refunded in such a case. Click to view Statement of Use.

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Resist! Free Cascadia! – #4


2 thoughts on “Merchandise”

  1. Hey I have a quick question. Someone I know got a “cascadia as fuck” heart shaped patch and after googling it, I believe it came from you. And if it did, how would I get my hands on one of those spectacular patches? šŸ™‚ thank you in advance for you help!!

    1. We are the owners of the “Cascadia as Fuck” design, but we did not make the patches. The design was originally used on T-shirts that we made. We hope to make some patches soon. Sorry for the late reply, and thank you.

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