Multiply and Subdue the Earth (1969)

We at do not agree with the first segment of this documentary in regards to “deviants” and other 1950s views of mass psychology, but do agree with a lot of what Ian McHarg was pointing out (as a critic) in 1969 about anthropocentrism and the western notions of domination over (or conquest of) Nature.

Multiply and Subdue the Earth (1969)

Discusses the need for active and informed environmental policy in regards to the human habitat, offering the message that sound ecological planning is a necessity where land use is concerned. Reviews the many ways that thoughtless habitation, land use or lack of planning can create problems- such as overcrowding, pollution, property destruction, loss of food and water supply- to illustrate the point that proper planning avoids such problems by seeking unity with nature rather than dominion.

Produced, written and presented by Austin Hoyt ; produced by WGBH Educational Foundation for the Public Broadcast Laboratory of National Educational Television in 1969.

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