Vandana Shiva – Decolonize the Mind

Vandana Shiva – Decolonize the Mind

Most of our cultures across the world have believed in Mother Earth as a Mother and it’s only in this period of the rising of industrialism and capitalism and colonialism that the idea as the Earth as a Mother was destroyed in order to turn the Earth into a reservoir of resources to be exploited.

Right now we can see Mother Earth is rising and say you are an immature spoiled kid and you are going to far and every time a disaster in my view i Mother Earth shaking us up to say get your ass together.

75 % of the food comes from small farms, those who use 25 % of the land and 25 % food comes from those who use 75 % of the land. If those who only providing 25 % food using 75 % of the land controlled 100 % of the land, they will bring the food supply to 33 %, which means all of the planet is destroyed.

It is the monoculture of the mind which prevents to see the diversity. It is only organic, biodivers and small which will feed the world.

The new science of false objectivity, the new science of false rationality of a tree or nature defining as death, that science was a very patriarchal science and it required women tob e killed as witches. The witchhunts, the colonization and the destruction of Nature are the three colonizations, it is a colonization of the mind.

During the ‘Voedsel Anders Conferentie’ in Wageningen in the Netherlands, after planting of a so-called food forest, Migarda Raphaëla, Robin Bukenya and Roland van Reenen had this intriguing conversation with the Indian scientist and activist Vandana Shiva. It was an honor to share the richness of diversity both natural as human. If only we could decolonize our minds, diversity will feeds us in so many ways!


  • Karl Semich

    I took a workshop called “Decolonize the Mind” once, from an aboriginal in the USA. They taught an exercise where one opened ones’ senses and behaviors up to learning how to see and feel the parts of the landscape around us we had been ignoring. It involves sitting quietly in one place, seeing out of one’s peripheral vision, smelling and tasting the air, and feeling the air clothes and ground all over the body, and listening to the quiet areas with no sound, all at the same time, constantly striving to notice things one hadn’t noticed yet, while in a state of still relaxation. I think we also walked gently, and felt our surroundings while we walked, maybe looking for what everything was, why it was there, and what we might be able to do to nurture it.

    The world is full of meaning that nobody sees anymore, that it truly opens and stimulates the mind to establish a habit of beginning to notice.

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