1) What is Bioregionalism?

Bioregionalism is an ideology that has roots in the San Fransisco Diggers (1968) specifically Peter Berg. The Diggers were a group described as Anarchists during the 60s counter culture movement. They were involved with and inspired many groups including the Yippies, Black Panthers, and UAW/MF.

Bioregionalism is an ideology that asserts individuals should have direct democratic control over the bioregion in which they live. Bioregions can be difficult to define however we believe that watersheds should be the most important defining factor.

To clarify, geographical borders within Bioregionalism serve only to inform direct democratic influence of local ecologies. Bioregionalism does not advocate for the creation of nation states. As such, Bioregionalism is an extension of the Leftist epistemology that individuals should directly control every aspect of the material conditions that effect their lives.

2) Do we support Capitalism?

Free Cascadia advocates for the creation of post-Capitalist society organized around horizontal institutions. Capitalism reinforces misogyny, racism and anthropocentric hierarchy. Capitalism is a system based around the commodification of both ecology and humanity and as such is incompatible with Bioregionalism.

3) Are we Nationalists?

No. Free Cascadia does not advocate for the creation of a nation state independent of the United States.

We believe that true freedom comes from the ability to control the conditions that effect our lives directly. We support the creation of institutions that foster this direct control and ultimately a confederation of these institutions throughout the bioregion.

4) Do we support White Nationalism?

No. Ethno-nationalism of any form is inherently at odds with Bioregionalism and the stated goals of Free Cascadia.

5) Do we support political secession?

No. We view political secessionism as an illusory form of freedom that doesn’t change the material conditions of our daily lives. If Cascadia were to secede tomorrow we would be beholden to all of the same political and economic structures we are now but as a colony of the United States.

The creation of a new nation state within the Cascadia bioregion, no matter the politics or economic system, will not address the reality of settler colonialism.

6) Where does Free Cascadia fit within the Cascadia movement?

We are Bioregionalists. Following the historical traditions and origins of the concept of Cascadia and Bioregionalism put forward by the San Francisco Diggers and Peter Berg.

Free Cascadia was founded by Alexander Baretich and Robert Izatt in 2006.

In addition to Bioregionalism, Free Cascadia is influenced by Decolonialism, Left Libertarianism, Social Ecology, Democratic Confederalism, Libertarian Municipalism, and movements such as the EZLN and DFNS.