Episode 1 – Introduction to Cascadia – 12/21/14

Alexander gives an introduction to Cascadia and Bioregionalism, and how and why he designed the Cascadian flag, among other topics.

Song: Fallen Giants by Kithkin

I woke to the smell of fire,
Nestled in my oracle’s ear,
I dreamt of the sound of a tree falling down,
That no one else could hear,
I was a celibate prostitute,
I was a zebra with bleached blonde hair,
I wrenched my rusted knees from the twisted sheets,
And rose into the autumn air

I felt the end was near
(I don’t want to die for this)

Trees will overtake
This choking cityscape,
Floods will wash away
All these unnatural shapes,
And I will celebrate,
I won’t belong to this broken ghost anymore

We can sail away
Atop impending waves,
We don’t have to stay
To greet the end of days,
We can start anew,
Us kids are fated to build it better than before

I walked to the fractured sidewalk
Where the dandelions grow,
In the shadows of vacant palaces
Consumed by vines and mold

I felt the end was here
(I don’t want to die for this)

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