The American Mythology, White Supremacy, and Gun control

The shooting in El Paso, Texas left 22 people dead, and at least 24 more people wounded. Shortly before the shooting the perpetrator, Patrick Crusius, posted a slur laden ‘manifesto’ on 8chan. This post most prominently referred to the Great Replacement conspiracy theory, which states that Europeans and people of European ancestry are being replaced by people of non-European ancestry.

The shooting appears to be a pretty obvious open and shut case of White Supremacist terrorism, but Liberals seem to disagree.

Liberals, in response to this blatant act of terrorism, have called for tighter gun control laws, such as ‘assault weapon’ bans. Sadly, this is nothing new. We have seen this time and time again, when incidents of what are clearly White Supremacist terrorism occur. Liberals always come back to the same talking point: The problem is guns.

Not the media that creates very clear narratives about mass shootings committed by white individuals. Not a president that actively invites his followers to murder immigrants in cold blood. Not law enforcement that continually treats White Supremacist crime as if it were not terrorism. Not law enforcement and military that is rotten to the core with racism and avowed White Supremacists.

Killer Mike touches on this topic brilliantly in an interview.

However, this view is simply not backed by the data. Study after study has shown declining rates of violent crime in America, including gun violence. Even the FBI, an organization that justifies it’s existence by investigating violent crime in America, admits that violent crime has fallen precipitously since the 90s.

So then, what is the correlation? Why do we keep seeing atrocious acts of violence such as the El Paso shooting? And why do Liberals keep pushing these policies?

We’ve known the answer to this question for quite some time. However, our society as a whole seems incapable of dealing with the ramifications. The issue is broader acceptance of hate groups in the United States most notably since Donald Trump took office. Further a study published by University of North Texas even found a correlation between where Trump held rallies, showing a 226% increase in hate crimes.

Source: Southern Poverty Law Center

“I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence…” – FBI Director Christopher Wray

On July 23rd FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in front of congress that since October the agency has made 100 arrests and the majority were linked to White Supremacy. He also expressed concern that the Trump administration does not at all take White Supremacy seriously.

So then, given what we know, the question must be asked: why would Liberals play such a dangerous game? Why create a cover for White Supremacy? So far as I can tell there are two reasons.

First and foremost (and least surprisingly), these people are politicians. They want to take advantage of a horrendous event, and plant their flag in it. By passing gun control, especially under the Trump administration, they are able to present themselves as heroes to their constituents.

Secondly and more importantly, they are defending the American Mythology. This is a mythology that paints America as a country that has already dealt with inequalities of race. Through the propagation of this myth, they can create an out for white people to not have to look into the mirror and acknowledge that the problem is much deeper than guns.

By conflating these issues, Liberals create a scapegoat for White Supremacy through shifting the conversation to gun control.

The American empire is collapsing. It can be observed in our abysmal economic situation, mass political unrest, the opioid crisis, steadily increasing suicide rates, falling life expectancy, homeless camps plagued by diseases usually reserved for the third world. The list goes on and on.

Many fear that civil war is around the corner. The reality of our situation is that the civil war has already begun and very few of us seem to recognize that. While White Supremacists storm our public places, slaughtering as many people as possible, I think it’s safe to assume gun laws will not deter them from doing so.

The result of increased gun control will only lead to the most marginalized of our society being unable to defend themselves. Liberals bolstering their political resumes and the zealot Donald Trump are complicit.

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