The Grange Halls and the growing Cascadian network

Another Cascadian and I have joined our local Grange Hall last night. Several other self identified Cascadians have explored the Granges and we have concluded that together the Grange Movement and the Cascadian Movement could revive our local economies and create a new socioeconomic system that is resilient and very much embracing bioregionalism. Whether it’s the Cascadian Movement or the Grange Movement the essential core focus is actually community. In an age of corporatism and neo-liberal economics where food and materials of need are transported planetary distances just, because of cheap labor and cheap fossil fuels, creating networks of communities focused on resiliency

I want to add a suggestion that people look up the history and socioeconomic and even agronomic function of the Grange movement that dates back to the 1860s. Grange Halls are almost established in every Cascadian community under the yoke of the US American Empire. The Grange Movement was a farming movement (actually a rural revolution) against both the Banking Establishment and the Railroad Companies. Today most Grange Halls still rent their halls and provide space for rural communities. Their focus is obviously farming. I have posted for years that Cascadianism is about localization, community empowerment and the 3Fs (Food! Fiber! & Fuel) which in essence for Cascadians is a route for autonomy while staying under the Police State radar. So my advice is that in every self identified Cascadian within the US seek either membership with the local Grange Hall or work with them to provide classes and community. Classes could be permaculture, canning (actually jarring), education of textiles (nettle and hemp could create a new cottage industry), cooperatives (the Grange movement was link arm in arm with the Farmer–Labor Party that had a direct connection to Co-operative Commonwealth Federation parties in Canada), food preparation and food preservation, bio diesel (from how to make it to converting engines), providing for the needs of our local communities, trade circles and a host of other possibilities.
To me (as has been suggested by other Cascadians) the connecting with the remains of the Grange movement is a natural and very sensible idea. As many have pointed out who know of the Grange movement they seem to be just waiting for a revival of localization and back to basics movement (which is the Cascadian movement). – Alexander Baretich

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  • San Juan Island Grange welcomes new members with a localism/regionalism focus. We would like to hold classes to teach the skills needed in a sustainable and resilient world. Our San Juan Seed Company provides open-pollinated regionally appropriate seeds for local growers.
    Do a Google or Facebook search to find us.

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